Venice 12 Side A

Woman’s Ministry-The Anointing Abides And Bringing Life To All Flesh-Fire Of Father, Finishing Purifying Leaving Pure Silver And Gold, Continual Burning And Purging Of The Fire Of Grace And Love, Daily Presenting Of Your Body – Rest In The Spirit And Works Of Faith To Produce Life Of Faith, Psalm Of Impartation By The Spirit, Psalm 69

Pomona 14 Side A

Seeing Jesus And Clothed Upon, The Anointing Inside And Then The Girdle Of Full Anointing, Baptism In Heavenly Body Of Fire-Escape Judgement, Grace And Love-Or Judgement Seat Of Christ – Second Death

Ft. Worth 02 Side A

Psalm Of Seemeth Right Unto Man, Psalm 34, Psalm Of Fornication And Adultery, Psalm 84