Venice 18 Side A

Baptism Of Ministers, Impartation Of The Works Of God, Father And Mother Ministry (Sheryl & Jesse), Heavenly Sacrifice, Psalm Of Impartation – Mother And Father Working Together, psalm 78

Zeta Side A

Everlasting Covenant, Feel Me Raise You, Feel Me Purge You, Baptism On Face, Baptism On Back, Lost Your Life, Love Of Judgement, Love Fear Of God

Venice 11 Side A

Exhortation In Song, Demonstration Of The Spirit Tying Together Living Teachings And Exhortation By Spoken Gifts Of The Holy Spirit By Body, Baptism And Judgement On Those That Rejected

Tape Q Side A

Salvation Thru Three Gates, Baptism Into Church, Take Your Seat In Order Of Church, Order Of New Creation

Tape I Side A

New Jerusalem Mother of Us All, Mother Ministry Of Holy Ghost, Our Father’s Wife, Ministers Of The Wife

Tape L Side A

Watch Your Children, Overseer Of Area, First Council Formed, Three Gates, Baptism In New Creation, Demonstrations

Spanish Oracles 02 Side A

Conform To His Image – Face To Face, Three Gates To The New Jerusalem, Baptism Of Heavenly Order

Spanish Oracles 03 Side A B

Day Of Judgment Begun – Feb 9 1975; Sunday, Order Of Judgement, Three Gates And Baptism And Seven Works Of Holy Spirit

Pomona 14 Side A

Seeing Jesus And Clothed Upon, The Anointing Inside And Then The Girdle Of Full Anointing, Baptism In Heavenly Body Of Fire-Escape Judgement, Grace And Love-Or Judgement Seat Of Christ – Second Death