We are virgins through Christ, no guile in our mouths, none of our ways, none of our words, no religious sayings; only the language of the New Jerusalem. It is the language that our Father God speaks, the language of the heavenlies. The language that calls things that are not as though they were. This is the language our Father God has set for the kingdom age. We being children of His, we operate in His stead, so we speak the language of our Father.

Tape P Side A

Family Order In Church, New Jerusalem, Mystery & Forming Of Church, Entering In and Submitting

Tape J Side A

Praises Of The New Jerusalem, Holy Ghost Forming Of Church In Praises

Tape M Side A

New Jerusalem Heart Of Our Father, Throne Of Our Father, City Of Love, City Of Promise, Plan For World God Never Lies

Tape F Side A

Kingdom Hath Come; Blessings & Grace, Judgement & Burning, Covenant Of New Age; New Jerusalem & 3 Gates

Spanish Oracles 02 Side A

Conform To His Image – Face To Face, Three Gates To The New Jerusalem, Baptism Of Heavenly Order

Oracles 15 Side A

Commission To Sing – Dirge To Burning Babylon, Day Of Vengeance, New Jerusalem and Three Gates, Changing of Age, Mystery Of Iniquity, Psalm Of Day Of Vengeance, Psalm 31, Psalm Of Mystery Of Iniquity (Side B), Psalm 23