Oracles 31 Side A

Asking Father In The Name Or Person Of Jesus, Covenant Of Angels – Encamped, Covenant Of Fire In Body And Mantle, Burning Body Of Jesus Floating In Air For Church To Cool Body, (Predict Time And Judgment)

Oracles 32 Side A

Wine Of Spirit – Safe In Order Of God, Poison Vine And Poison Grapes – Vine Of Religious Satan In Earth, Blood To Horses Bits, Psalm Of Tree Of Life And Good And Evil, Psalm 7

Oracles 33 Side A

Rest In Faith By Grace, Persuaded By The Greatness Of The True God, Smashing Idols Of A False, Weak, Religious God – That Requires Work, Swallowed Up In Jesus And Our Father, Psalm Of Persuasion In Faith-Rest By Grace, Psalm 22

Oracles 34 Side A

Correction Of The Lord, Jonah And Nineveh, Balaam And Donkey And Balak, Wandering Stars, Safety In Obedience To God’s Order, Grace Rest In Faith, Psalm Of Obedience Unto The Lord, Psalm 55

Oracles 35 Side A

Seeing Our Self In Jesus, Heavenly Mirror-Changed From Glory To Glory-Body Of Ours, House Of Mirrors-Clear As Crystal, Rest In Faith Of Grace, Written In Wind