Venice 01 Side A

Ye Are Of God And Image Of God, Mystery Of Paul Firming Body Of Christ, Mystery Of John Forming Family Of God, Mystery Of Mark : Matthew – Reveling Christ’s Place, Last Plumbline In Earth For Kingdom, Order Of God’s Family In Earth, Purpose Of God – For Man And Woman And Children In Earth, Psalm Of Ye Are Gods, Psalm 26

Tape K Side A

Joel’s Army Of Locusts, Sea Of Blood, Sea Of Pure Water, Mists Of Heaven, Plumbline Of Judgement

Oracles 21 Side A

Voice Of Grace Developing Inside You, Plumbline Of God – Down Thru The Ages, Jesus The Great Plumbline, New Jerusalem – Plan Of God For Opening Age Of Grace

Oracles 09 Side A

Image Of Christ In Your Mind – Is The Eye Thru Which You See The Heaven-lies, Plumbline Ministry Of Paul, Plumbline Ministry Of John, Plumbline For The New Age, Psalm of Plumblines OF God – Gathering And Judgement