Pomona 18 Side A

Jesus Christ In The Flesh, Plan Of God To Bring Kingdom In Earth – Manchild – 144000 – Multitude That No Man Can Number, Everlasting Gospel Of Family Of God For Kingdom In Earth, Psalm Of Jesus Among You – Manchild, Psalm 45

Pomona 19 Side A

John 1: 1-6, Blood Of Christ – Continual Cleansing As In Fellowship, Callings And Election Of Grace, Man And Woman In God’s New Creation, Covered By Grace, Psalm Of Came Unto His Own, Psalm 64

Pomona 20 Side A

Robe Of Love, Love Thru Eyes Of Fiery Love, Light Of New Creation

Pomona 15 Side A

Our Father – A Consuming Fire, Consumes His People In Fiery Love And Grace, Purify Son’s Of Levi, Delivering Sons And Daughters And Churches Into The Fire Of Our Father’s Body, In The Beginning The Word Was inside The Father – WE Enter Back Thru Jesus