Tape O Side A

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Tape P Side A

Family Order In Church, New Jerusalem, Mystery & Forming Of Church, Entering In and Submitting

Tape K Side A

Joel’s Army Of Locusts, Sea Of Blood, Sea Of Pure Water, Mists Of Heaven, Plumbline Of Judgement

Tape F Side A

Kingdom Hath Come; Blessings & Grace, Judgement & Burning, Covenant Of New Age; New Jerusalem & 3 Gates

Spanish Oracles 13 Side A

Judgement Has Sat – Council Of Heaven, Jesus – Second Adam – Naming Creatures Of Grace, Religious Works Not Fit To Live (Second Death)

Oracles 27 Side A

Rejoice In Divers Temptations, Devil Tries To Crucify You With Sickness, Troubles, Problems (Wailing Wall), God’s Fullness As Promised – Walk With Them – Tabernacle Of God Is With Men, Council For Entrance Into Fullness

Oracles 28 Side A

Identifying Faith By Demonstration Of The Spirit And Power, New Earth – Old Earth Passed Away – Overcometh By Accepting Faith, Psalm Of Finger And Sword Of God, Psalm 47