Spanish Oracles 10 Side A

Mystery Of Regeneration, Judgement Throne I The New Jerusalem, Second Death Of Old Nature, Changing Of Age-Throne Of God

Spanish Oracles 05 Side A

Covenant Of Fire, Ordaining Ministers In New Jerusalem, Good And Evil Preaching Of Anti-Christ, Psalm Of Persuasion Of Faith-Rest By Grace, Psalm 22

Oracles 10 Side A

Look On The Face Of Jesus, Sign To His Face, Prophesy To Face Of Jesus, Son Drinks New Wine, Mother Drinks Mellow Wine, Father Drinks Old Wine, Unicorn Of Judgement, Unicorn And Age Of Grace, Psalm Of The Unicorn – The Sacrifice Of God’s Order, Psalm #33

Oracles 01 Side A

Law Of Moses, Law Of Grace, Law Of Whirlwind, Law Of Troubling The Waters, Law Of Love, All Heavens Finished In Grace, Mystery Of The Unicorn

Oracles 05 Side A

Treading Grapes In Earth Love, Grape to Branch-To Vine-Then Harvest, Three Steps To Fullness Of Christ, Covenant To Rule & Reign, Complete Plan Of Grace & Glory, Judgement Of Unicorn, Psalm – Smiting With The Mantle Spirit Of Glory