Venice 17 Side A

Our Father Creates His Way, Methods In Us Thru Jesus Christ, Our Father’s Plan-Way To Evangelize The World, Parable Of The Good Samaritan, Feeling Needs Of Others With Love Of God Working In Us, Some Save With Fear-Snatching Them Out Of Fire With Judgement, Psalm Of Love Thy Neighbor-Pure Evangelism And Harvesting Of The Earth, Psalm 76

Venice 18 Side A

Baptism Of Ministers, Impartation Of The Works Of God, Father And Mother Ministry (Sheryl & Jesse), Heavenly Sacrifice, Psalm Of Impartation – Mother And Father Working Together, psalm 78

Venice 19 Side A

Playing With God In Your Old Life, New And Living Way-Way Of Life, Time Of Judgement, Deliver All Of Family Spotless Before The Judgement Throne, Sent Out To Deliver, Psalm Of Judgement Has Come, Psalm 83

Venice 15 Side A

Exhortation On Not Being Trapped In A Form, Minister As Head, Spirit Of Life And Blood Of Christ Cleansing Continually, Mercy Of God By The Blood Or Spirit Of Life, Ministers Of Mercy Bring Judgement When They Are Removed From You, Psalm Of Sure Mercy Of God, Psalm 72

Venice 16 Side A

God’s Requirement For His Family To Be Perfected In Love, A Cup Of Cool Water, Jesus In Jail, Jesus In Hunger, Jesus In The Little Ones, Ministry Of Mother, Psalm Of Little Ones And A Cup Of Cool Water, Psalm 73